Why I love Avatar The Last Airbender- A spiritual kids show

AvatarStateI will confess that this “American-anime” kids show actually inspire me to create the magic system in my fantasy novels. Not just that but Avatar the last airbender is one of the reasons why I started to meditate(it was actually how I found out about meditation). I was very moved by the story and the responsibility of Aang.

Honestly, although it is a show for children it has so much more to it than bending the elements. In fact there is a lesson in the elements. Fire, water, air and earth. I don’t consider this a show for kids. Maybe teenagers but not for 10 year old at least. What I consider a childrens show is something like “Dora The Explorer.” (Blah)

Aang travels the world with this companions, Zakka and Kitara. As the last airbender in the world he has so much learn and a burden that he inherit from his past lives. Throughout his journey Aang experiences so much loneliness and fear but manages to overcome all odds and ultimately saves the world of their tyrant.

Another character that I love in the show is prince Zuko. Zuko seeks approval from his father the fire lord. Zuko must find the avatar, capture him and return alive back home. Only then will his father accept him. In the end Zuko finds himself helping the very person whom he saw as a rival for the purpose of his goal.

Not only does this show has an amazing plot but the meaning behind everything is stunning.

One of my favorite parts about the show was when Aang went to see a spiritual Guru that was going to help him enter the Avatar state at will. Here are the lessons that the guru teaches Aang.

Earth. This element deals with survival and is blocked by fear. In the show Aang was afraid to face the fire lord. The guru advise him to surrender to his fears and only then can he overcome them.

Water. This element deals with pleasure and it is blocked by guilt. The guru asks Aang, what do you blame your self for? What ever you blame yourself for you must let it go and accept that such things happen. avatar-the-last-airbender-color

Fire. This element deals with will power and it is blocked by shame. Aang was asked. What are your biggest disappointments and shame? The guru advice. Accept all aspects of your self, even your mistakes.

Now the Air element seems to consist of much more. The air element consist of three things. Love, light and sound. It is blocked by grief, illusions and lies. The air element is very spiritual.

I am going to stop there. This is why I love this show. The Avatar is a symbol of unity. He who is the bridge between the spirit world and the human world.

I would say that this show ranks up there with Hayao Miyazaki’s movies. If you are a fan of this show I also recommend that you get the comic books that tells the story of what happens after Aang defeats the fire lord. The Promise and The Search.

This show really touched my heart.



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