Mage Magin

Currently In Development

Mage Majin Saga


Majin is a seventeen year old mage living on the back of a dragon turtle with Saruck, the man he calls Grandpa. The boy has no memories of his past. All he can recall is his name and age. Majin is unable to continue his training as a mage with Saruck since the old man was cursed into a gargoyle form. The boy cannot go too far from the dragon turtle or he will risk being found by his grandfather’s enemies.
When a white mage and a shadow mage find the whereabouts of his dragon turtle, Majin was forced to visit the king in Aemoros, the largest city in Zarvanthos. In the city he encountered a group called the Raivu Clan who claim to know who he was and called him a traitor. The clan shared the same brand that burned on his forehead but Majin had no idea who they were.
When he finally encountered the mage that cursed his grandfather, cold memories flashed and he began to fear the truth about himself. Soon Majin finds himself alone and surrounded by enemies who know him better than he knows himself. Majin will not be safe until he frees himself from the Raivu brand that burns and weakens his magic.