Mage Magin

Coming late 2017 to early 2018

Mage Majin Saga

A boy falls from the sky. Saruck, an old mage, living in the forest in solitude finds the boy and raises him as his own son. Soon Saruck finds out that an old enemy has been searching for the boy that he raised for five years. The boy named Majin was being hunted by legendary beings called Majys. However, the boy has no memories of his parents, his past, where he lived or who he really is. The only thing he remembers is his name and when memories try to find their way back in his mind a four point star branded on his forehead would burn and suppress them. 

One day Saruck was cursed into a gargoyle form when trying to protect the boy from the Majy. Stuck in the form of a gargoyle Saruck is unable to use his magic. Majin was without the full guidance of his master. The day came when someone found their whereabouts in the forest and Majin was forced to go on an adventure to find who he really was.