Magi and the kingdom of magic- Review from Odealeous

Although I am a fantasy author, I also watch a lot of Japanese anime. Its all part of nerd culture. I am more manga than comic books. More wands and swords than guns and lasers. Magi and the kingdom of magic has to be one of the best fantasy animes that I have ever watched since Sakura Cardcaptors.

Talk about a show with elemental spells. The creators use use Arabian folklore. Using the names Aladdin, Ali Baba and Sinbad. Brings me back to the good days of Disney with Aladdin and the genie of the lamb (Except ten time better.)

magi and the kingdom of magicAladdin a destined magi and reincarnation of King Solomon, ventures with Ali Baba. As he learns to control his magic from different magicians, Aladdin encounters foes trying to conquer countries and corrupting people. Aladdin makes it his duty to save the innocent with Ali Baba who is an heir to the throne of his country.

The magic in this anime is my favorite. The use of magoi and laws of their magic was well planned. It is elemental magic that only those with a metal vessel of the Djinns can  use. The users of the metal vessel have an elemental power and can transform with the magic of the vessel. There are eight types of magic, fire, wind, earth, sound, healing, dark, lightning and ice.

Aladdin has to be my favorite character. I have always been a main character lover and Aladdin is my type of mage oops I mean magician. He also has a super cool turbant that he uses to fly. Aladdin has the power to control the rukh. These sprites that look like golden butterflies.

I like how they introduced Sinbad. Very similar to the arabian folklore. Sinbad is the king of the seven seas and like many great leaders he has an alliance of incredible magicians and other metal vessel users.

Through the arcs of the anime, Aladdin, Ali Baba and Sinbad are always facing the al thamen. The Al Thamen are a dark organization. They cause a lot of havoc in the world and Aladdin always manages to stop them. Although something different happens every season I still love the anime. I am very picky with anime but the magic in this anime has me at the tip of my seat. I am usually into anime that have an ongoing story rather different events episode.

I rate this anime 9.5 out of 10. 

Check out Magi and the Kingdom of Magic.

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