The man who left the world behind

“So umm….why don’t you want to go back?” she asked.

“Because, I seek peace and stability. I cant find neither one where we came from,” I said.

“So are you just going to leave your family behind?” She asked me.

“I don’t want to but they have already made up their mind. This is how I want to live my life. This country is better, there is more freedom and no one will judge me for who I am or try to change me unlike back home. Here I can be myself and find like minded people to share my life with. I cant do that back home. Sure my family is over there but they just wont accept me for who I am now.”

She looked at me vilely. She could no longer control me like she once did. I am now stronger than before. It is true that people resist you changing because they cant control you like they once did. I was moving on to a better life and only take those who wanted to tag along. I no longer resonated with the culture from where I came from and was setting out to create a new life.

“You are going to forget about us,” she grieved but I could see how false her sadness was.

“You are always welcome to come. I will always remember everyone but I cannot continue to live like this. There is too much drama in this family. We betray one another. We are always in a state of competition. We try to dominate each other and change each other. It never ends. I hate this place. I am done here. I just want to live in peace. This home, this place, this culture is a nightmare and I am waking up from it. I am leaving this country and going to the promise land.”

Sometimes you have to leave the people you love like that old saying “even when the flesh is rotten it must be removed.”

Even Leonardo DaVinci left his home and journeyed to a place where his art would be appreciated.

I abandoned my culture so that I can be free and write fantasy novels and live a  life where I am more accepted. To venture out into a world of limitless possibility instead of living in a cage of ignorance and laziness. When sometimes you have to leave the world behind and create your own world. That is not to say that we should ignore the outer world but be aware of it.

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