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Honestly speaking I didn’t know much about Marco Polo until I watched this series and I must say WOOOOOOOOOO. (ahem)

I am a big fan of Asian culture as well as European. By watching Marco Polo I also learned a lot about the Mongols. I already knew about Genghis Khan but lacked knowledge about the Mongols. I knew that Genghis Khan was a conqueror in the 1200’s and that he raped more women than Ron Jeremy banged porn stars. (sorry I just had to say that). So getting a good example of how the Mongols were back in those ages was very educational  not just entertainment. It is good to watch historical series such as this even though is not 100% accurate. If you watch Spartacus of Blood and Sand, you get a good example of how the Romans really were back then( also there is historical proof).

marco_poloNow Marco Polo the man himself is famous for being the very first westerner to travel to China. If it wasn’t for him many Europeans would have never journeyed to Asian countries. Marco Polo’s journey to China also inspired Christopher Columbus to travel to what we call today “South America. Since I am Hispanic I know the history of Columbus finding the Caribbean islands.

Marco Polo is the catalyst for travelers of his time. Thank god.

In the series, they had shown Marco with his father but in actual history Marco Polo traveled by himself. I am not sure why they chose to show his father in the series but hey its Hollywood, they have to make the story fun somehow.

There is really not much that I “dislike” about the show. I am a big fan of Chinese martial arts and films( also the Chinese babes in the series were so mouth watering).  I love series that have a mix of action, drama, sex and heck hot babes. The actor chosen for Marco Polo did a splendid job. He is a great actor and I like how poetic he was. I did not know that Marco Polo meant “the great adventurer.”

And now for the Khan. I was surprise when I found out that the actor for the Mongolian Emperor Kublai Khan, was British. Since this is a Netflix original series, I guess they were trying to appeal to a large audience of multiple races. Which I can understand. As an author my self I try to appeal to people of many races, skin colors, cultures and lifestyles (without offending anyone).

The way the Mongols were portrayed was historically accurate. They were people of the mountains after all.

The ending of this series was stunning. The blink monk is my favorite and his lines are the best but I cant think of any right now. (sorry dudes just watch the show). The Chinese chancellor was taken down by the blink monk. Kung Fu at its finest. I couldn’t have asked for something better.

I rate this Netflix series 9/10

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