Michael Danteh Dimartino’s Rebel Genius Book Review

If you love Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra then you will like this new adventure. However, dont expect anything big from this book. Although I like this book I felt as though Dimartino could have gone about it differently and I think that he has the same effect that Tetsuya Nomura is having with Kingdom Hearts. 

Michael Dimartino is mainly a character designer, director and writer. Like most Character designers ( I am guilty of this as well) there is a problem with fitting the character you created with pen and paper and then translating it into words. The writing is always the problem. Tetsuya Nomura is an awesome character designer. He designed Cloud Striffe and pretty much the entire Final Fantasy 7 crew but in Kingdom Hearts 2 the writing sucked( as much as I love the game). 

Rebel Genius is a good book dont get me wrong. I mean its got some great ideas, especially if you are an artist. The Geniuses in the books are these birds with crowns on their heads with a jewel embedded on the crown. The Genius protects the artist and the artist can command his Genius to do certain things, depending on what he creates. Yes they do battle in this book. Is not as exciting as Avatar or Korra but there is action. The battle system (You can tell I am an RPG freak) reminds of Pokemon where the Trainer would command his Pokemon to do certain moves and the Pokemon would do it. Rebel Genius is really creative. I like the idea of the book but the story is a bit cliche yet entertaining. 

The main character is named Giacomo. The names in the book sound very Italian and Spaniard. Dimartino said he drew inspiration from the Renaissance during the Time of Leonardo Da Vinci. But I wonder, why did he choose birds to be geniuses. I think it would have been better if he had chosen different animals to be geniuses and have some diversity other than birds. Again, this book is good and the idea is awesome but I feel as though it could have been better. Maybe I am just saying this because I had big expectations since I am a fan of the Last Airbender. I just dont think that Rebel Geniuses measures up to Avatar and Korra. 

Sorry, Michael Danteh if you are reading this but it is my personal opinion as a fan. 

If you want to read this book then by all means read, you might like it. Just dont expect anything bigger than Avatar the Last Airbender. 

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