what do you get when you mix Game Of Thrones and The Office?

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Talk about an artist inspiring other artist. This is what I love about being a nerd. There is magic in every corner. Thank god for fantasy and scifi(What would we do without it).

So recently as I am adding people to my twitter followers I encounter this online web series called One Hit Die. As if being a nerd isnt enough, these guys went as far as turning it into what seems like a reality TV shows. Honestly if reality TV was more like this I would spend more time watching TV. (I dont watch TV, Unless Legend of Korra is on).

Ever heard of LARPing. As an Live Action Role Play. Yeah if you are into fantasy then you have heard of Larping. I have friends that do it and honestly I have thought of doing it but I guess I am not nerdy enough. Anyways, This One Hit Die show is a comical Larp. Four heroes on a quest for…..ummm……I dont really remember what they were questing for but shit who cares. It was funny.

There is a wizard, a thief, a fighter and a healer. It is like watching the office in the format of Game Of Thrones. I would so fund these guys if they were to make an actual indie movie. Check out their website here http://www.onehitdie.com/

ONE HIT DIE. Get your nerd on.

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