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Such beautiful creatures elves are. Human but with a more divine glow. The pointy ears have a charm to them like a kitten or some kind of furry pet that you want to adore. I love elves. I always use them in my story or try to use them. I try to add some reference to elves because I believe they are a serious important part of the fantasy genre. Whether if its, epic, dark, urban fantasy, I believe by adding an elf it gives the story some sort of fun that makes one bubble. It is like going to a theme park and seeing the roller coasters trains run by.

Elves have been used in a many ways in all types of medias. There are elves of light and dark elves. There are wood elves and apparently snow elves as well. The idea of elves is that they are magical creatures. Every artist who loves fantasy sees elves in a different way. J.K. Rowling saw elves as servants. “House elves” as she called them. I am not sure how she came to the conclusion that elves were of servitude but even the “myth of Santa Clause uses elves as short creatures who make toys. Tolkien on the other hand saw elves as pure beings, skillful and magical. I am afraid to know what George RR Martin thinks of elves.


Elves are of European and Norse mythology. Regardless of how an artist decides portrait an elf in their story or any work of art. They understand that elves are magical creatures. In most stories elves live in the woods and are seen as creatures of light much like n Lord of the Rings.

Then there are dark elves. Much like the usage of regulars elves. Dark elves can be either beautiful or ugly creatures to look at. Folklore tells us that dark elves were ugly creatures who live underground and hated the sun. Creatures that caused nightmares on a sleeping person as well as animals. Folklores also say that dark elves were  beautiful to look at but they were evil and lived in caves.

Personally I like both sides of the elves. I think the myth of the elf is incredible and perhaps somewhat true in history. Elves are first recognized by the pointy ears. Humans with pointy ears. I had a girlfriend that had pointy ears. She was Portuguese. Many people in European countries tend to have pointy ears somewhat. It could be that back in the “dark ages” people nick named anyone with pointy ears as an elf. In fact there is a rising trend of people getting surgery to make their ears more pointy. Google it, I swear its true.

In the world of Odealeous. Elves evolved from humans. Yes much like Darwin’s theory of evolution. At least that is how I see it. I think that all of these creatures such as vampires and werewolves and any humanoid decided that they no longer wanted to be human. A few humans decided that they wanted to change into a more magical creature and thus they named themselves the elves. You can find out more about this evolution of elves in my short story Fall of a Demigod. click here to get it.

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