Naruto Manga ended – what I learned about story telling from Masashi Kishimoto

I have been watching and reading the manga since I was in high school. Naruto has a special place in my heart since I relate so much to the character. I cannot believe that it has ended and now Masashi Kishimoto is getting ready to make a new Naruto series of a new generation. It feels like a dream. I watched Naruto from his early days as a ninja innovating the Kage Bunshin No Jutsu again and again.

The twist of the last chapter was absolutely outstanding. SPOILER ALERT! I never thought Sasuke would end up coming back as a good guy. For so long I thought Sasuke would never end his evil ways. However, Naruto was able to soften him up. It is true that in the end good always win. Naruto never gave up on Sasuke and in the end his best friend decided to apologize for everything he has done.

naruto_the_last_movie_naruhina_by_iitheyahikodarkii-d7xtjm8Oh man that was one crazy battle. However, more threats are yet to come. It looks like more of Kaguya’s descendants will hunt Naruto and the Leaf Village. But he will always be there to save the day. So it also turns out that Kakashi became a Hokage. The sixth Hokage. Naruto became the seventh and talk about having a spirit image. His son Bolt, is just as troublesome as Naruto was when he was a kid.

We got to see everyone’s children and the couples of the future. Ten Ten and Rock Lee. Shikamaru and Temari. Of course Naruto ended up with Hinata and finally Sakura got what she wanted. Sasuke. (Although he doesn’t actually live in Konoha)

Beautiful ending as it should be. I am ready for more. Bring on the new generation. I must admit I will miss Naruto the series all together I mean the story is so profound, action packed and puzzling. After every chapter we are left wondering “what will happen now?” It never got boring (unless you watched the millions of episodes of fillers).

Lessons from Kishimoto. 

Always leave them guessing. Of course Kishimoto knows how to arouse his fans, tease them and leave them wanting more. In fact he is so good at it that so many people were thinking that Sasuke would become the next Madara however, the exact opposite happened. Kishimoto knew what the fans would think. He has good psychology. It is almost as if he wrote the ending before he ever wrote the beginning.

Character dept. Kishimoto has a back story for all characters. In fact the sub characters have a back story for their back story (sorry if I confused you). It is incredible how he is able to keep all character profiles in mind. It reminds me of how JK Rowling planned for Harry Potter. Naruto is a master piece. I realized that all great fantasy stories have an incredibly detailed history within its own world (Do I hear Game of Thrones.) In order for something to be believable it has to have detail and concrete enough within in its own world.

Naruto is my favorite manga and anime. I wont stop reading it and I sure the new generation is just as good.

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