The Problem With LITRPG Novels

LITRPGIf you have been reading fantasy and scifi long enough (especially my books) then you have already heard about the new genre around scifi & fantasy. LITRPG which stands for Literary RPG. Which is based on RPG game (role playing games). 

To make the long explanation short, play a final fantasy, any Japanese RPG video game or watch the Japanese anime Sword Art Online and there you have it. LitRPG. 

The idea is that instead of playing an RPG games, you are actually reading about the player leveling up within the game. Commonly, the way the story goes is; something happens to the main character and he or she gets stuck in the virtual world. The he has to find a way out while of course playing through the game. Leveling up, finding items, you get the point. Again, watch Swort Art Online and you will see what I mean.

What inspired the genre was mainly Japanese anime such as Sword Art Online, .Hack/sign and some other ones such as BTOOM! which is not so popular. Also there is a movie being made by Steven Spielberg which will popularize the genre even more called, Ready Player One. I am sure you saw the trailer on Youtube or Facebook. Ready Player One follows the story structure of a gamer entering a gaming world to escape reality. 

Now that we are pass the introduction and you have a good idea of what LitRPG novel is like, lets talk about the problem with this genre. 


If you play videos, you know very well how much is sucks to watch other people play. (At least for me). Maybe you enjoy watching some Youtuber level up his character in World of Warcraft but not me sir. It becomes dull real fast and you just feel like playing. I am not going to name the LitRPG books I have read because I just dont like to start a fight or look for problems (or in this case drive web traffic to that author’s amazon page) but to read about a video game character level grinding page by page is fucking boring. Not that all LitRPG novels are like that but that is the idea of them. 

To make the genre interesting, I believe is better if the story is set up in  a game that is not an RPG game like final fantasy. 

At least in Ready Player One that main character plays different types of games that keeps you entertain. 

After reading a couple of LitRPG books, the genre became too predictable to the point where it just was not enjoyable anymore. The story feels like is dragging all the time and you wish the author would just skip the level grinding and fast forward to the part where he gets to the village and accidentally bumps into the next character that will join your party. 

At the same time, it is fucking cool that videos have even made it to the world of books. I love the idea of LitRPG but the genre needs more innovation, which is really not hard at all. Almost any video can be turned into a LitRPG novel. I am waiting for Square Enix to publish a story about a boy who got sucked into a video. 

Which by the way, the Japanese have been doing this (in anime) way before this genre arose. I already mentioned that the J-RPG pretty much gave birth to this genre. 

As a nerd, I would like to see more of these movies in theaters. I really fills the heart of a nerd. I know what you are thinking and the answer is no, Scot Pilgrim Versus The World does not count. 

That is it for this blog. 

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