Saitama One Punch Man Power Measurement

Talk about exaggeration. To think that the Dragon Ball Z crew had a hard and all it took this one funny looking character was 100 push ups, 100 sit ups and 100 squats. It is absolutely ridiculous. Now dont get me wrong. I love One Punch Man and the first time I saw the anime I thought it was not only funny but the idea of a bored super hero was more than stunning and unorthodox which is what pulls us towards this anime or manga. 

saitama face drawingsIn this article we are going to measure Saitama’s power (or at least try). 

Now it is difficult to compare his power level with other anime characters mainly because it is all different universes. Think about how many people compare Super Saiyan Goku against Superman. Comparing their strength is scientifically impossible but hey, science is all we have. Despite the universe barriers of where each character comes from we can at least study the character and contemplate the difficulty of the opponents they have face.

Example: Looking at how strong Saitama is, I would he is strong enough to face Freiza in the planet namek saga. If you are a Dragon Ball Z fan you know what I am talking about.

Although Saitama is human, he somehow reached a level of power where no one could beat him. He can defeat his enemies with just one punch. But just think about that for a minute. All of his opponents are at a human level not a super human level. Understand. Take Krillin from DBZ. He is a super human, so to speak. Not only does he have the same look as Saitama but Krillin can pretty much defeat any other human but he cannot win against Trunks or Gotens because they are at Super Saiyan levels. Does that make sense?

Now Saitama says he reached his power level by basic training and eating average fitness meals for three years. In reality no one has ever done that. Doing 100 push ups every single day for three years. Now I am not saying that it is physically impossible but shit! Anyone that can pull that shit off can at least beat the crap of heavy weight WWE wrestler.

So on a human level, Saitama can be seen as a god but lets say if he were to go against Goku’s basic level (no yellow hair). What would happen?

You see Saitama can defeat anyone with one punch as long as they are below his super human level of strength. If he were to face Goku’s super saiyan form or even the basic form he would be defeated. And to talk about god powers, he could not defeat Beerus, (battle of gods DBZ).

Before Goku turned super saiyan (or before he went to planet namek) he was seen as a martial artist super hero. We could say that he was at Saitama’s power level but after he became a super saiyan he surpassed Saitama.  Does that make sense?

By the way, lets not also forget…….this is all fiction. Yet entertaining.

So this is a comparison of human, super human, super saiyan power level and god power level. To conclude this theory, Saitama is at a super human power level. As to what he did to reach that level of power I think it has to do more than push ups and sit ups (otherwise Hulk Hogan could beat him). Perhaps the author is going to reveal his true training method but for now that is all we can come up with.

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