Scarlet Quest New and Improved

I got a lot of reviews and complaints from readers saying that Scarlet Quest had too many spelling errors. And they were right. Now even after I handed the manuscript over to a “professional” it still had errors. WHY? I don’t know. You would think that after a professional editor and proofreader goes through your book that you no longer need to worry but man was I wrong.

Even bestsellers like Amanda Hocking still found grammar errors in her books after passing it to her editor. In fact and you can check this your self. I have found spelling errors in Harry Potter The Deadly Hallows, in the very first chapter. Now I am not trying to embarrass Miss Rowling but I use it as an example because as an indie author I allow myself to make mistakes. I am thankful to the readers who pointed out the mistakes. An author should never proofread his own book. It really sucks.

However, I am confident that there are LESS mistakes in Scarlet Quest then before. So I welcome you to try it and read it if you have not and if you already read it with all its grammar errors then shoot me an email and I will send you a MOBI file to your kindle device. Please just don’t share it with anyone or put it in downloadable websites. Like Louis CK said “I know that you will do it but …please don’t.” (favorite comedian).

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