Scarlet Quest

Final Fantasy meets Game of Thrones

Auron Fox is the leader of a notorious mercenary band. His band is in high demand and he profits from criminals and spilling blood to provide for his village that is hidden in the outskirts of his country. For so many years he has been living away from society until his old friends betray and frame him. The King of Burnahdujf believes that Auron murdered the prince but the mercenary swears that he is innocent.

When the king finally finds Auron’s hidden village and massacres his people, Auron is left with one choice for redemption. He mus find the Crimson Cosmo Jewel, a legendary stone that could bring chaos.

Auron is forced to face his past, go on an unpleasant journey and fight an unknown masked magus who knows too much about him. While he is away, his band of mercenaries are forced to fight in the war with the south country. Auron prays that the dragon gods have mercy on him as he overcomes the odds alone even when his old master is not willing to help him.


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