Sin of Mages Book Cover Revealed

Sin of Mages cover for web final cover

Pretty sweet cover don’t you think. I must thank Alessio Fiorasi for this one again. He is a great artist and I recommend him. The mage you see on the cover is Akielas Neous, the main character. While he is the main character there is so much more happening in the story that I will not reveal today. The first installment of Rift of Chaos will be released this year 2016 however, the release date will not be announced yet due to how distributors work. 

While we wait for the release make sure you read the first chapter click here.

This is my first trilogy. If you read the first chapter on this website and it has some grammar errors, do not worry because those will be fixed. I know my previous books have had this problem and I have worked really hard to prevent that from happening. You are the reading and you deserve the highest quality. So thank you so much and dont forget to subscribe to the newsletter

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