Sin Of Mages

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Akielas had traveled the world of Odealeous searching for the
apprentices that betrayed him. When he finally found them and
learned of their malice plot, he was filled with remorse and
blamed himself for all they had done. His apprentices named
themselves the Specters, and they were on the hunt for all four
remnants of the dragon gods. The Specters had one jewel in their possession and Akielas
feared what they would do if they found all four.

Carrying the weight of the world on his shoulder and great guilt,
Akielas was determined to defeat the Specters all alone.
However, his friends from different parts of the world,
stepped forth and joined his struggle. With sword and magic
and a burning desire to avenge the fallen, they swore to defeat the masked ghouls. But there was a problem.
Akielas’s hands trembled at the thought of slaying his own apprentices.


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By, Seraphia

Sin of Mages by A.J. Martinez is book 1 in their Rift of Chaos series. In this book we are immediately thrown into a stunning world of magic, humanoid creatures – insectoids and elves and creatures that live in a limbo space. We are immediately introduced to a mage by the name of Akielas. Akielas in the beginning is searching for his former apprentices who have gone off with the intent to change the world and what it has become because they view it as impure. They are stronger than he remembers and they have honed their skills leaving death and destruction in their wakes. Akielas is determined to stop them but he knows that he cannot take them all on at once. He’s strong but so are they and their time in hiding has benefitted them. He has the opportunity to destroy them but he is unable to because he still cares for them deeply but he marks them so that when they begin their paths of destruction again he will be able to find them more quickly. Time passes but it is literally a blink of an eye before his former apprentices are back at their destruction again. Using fiends they control they are on the rampage to gather cosmic jewels and mystic metals that will aide them in boosting their powers to destroy the world and remake it the way they see fit.
This is the first book that I have read by A.J. Martinez but I already know that Sin of Mages will not be the last book I read. The minute I dived into this book I was hooked reading about Akielas as he battled with Ember and the others. I found myself on the edge of my seat reading the battles and reading how each controls a specific elemental mancy but how Akielas is able to harness them all. Then the story shifts to other characters in other areas of this world from Willow who lives with insectoid humans to Eckxio who is a prince among the elves. They are each battling to save their homes and protect the jewels or the metals that their homes harbor from the fiends and Ember and her cohorts. Humans are wrapped up in the danger as well as they too hold the precious metals that are being hunted and the jewels that are protected and secreted away. The myriad of characters must come together if they are going to stop Ember and the others. So much is at stake…homes, lives, and families…the world. The story is so engaging that you find yourself turning page after page wanting to know what happens next and who will triumph and who will fall.
There honestly isn’t anything that I don’t like about this story. There is only one glaring spelling error of where it is says “Golden Gun” instead of “Golden Sun” but this is a story that you if you are a fan of fantasies then you are going to dive in and not come back up unless you are finished or have to get back to real life much against your will. This book has a good pace that keeps you hooked and I really like and appreciate how the author takes the time to let you know when there is going to be a shift in characters that we are following. Plus, you don’t just follow the main characters who are on the side of good you get to see the characters who are bent on evil and I have to say that I love it.
The author has done such a great job creating such dynamic characters and a beautiful world that when you close your eyes you can almost reach out and see it and touch it. There are lots of unique elements that draw you in and leave you wanting more. I have to say that if you are a fan of fantasy novels this is a book for you. It is well written, good characters and beautifully done. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars and cannot wait to revisit this world again. I will most definitely be purchasing this book and rereading it again and again. Well done and two thumbs up to the author. I did not put this book down until I finished it.