Song of Dragons Trilogy Review- Daniel Arenson

SongOfDragons380I am just as picky with fantasy novels as I am with movies and shows. When I read a fantasy novel, I always look for balance. It needs to have a little bit of everything. Blood, romance, fighting, adventure, mystical creatures, magic, funny characters and a plot that has you at the edge of your seat. Daniel Arenson is that author that writes such books.

Now while most fantasy readers love George RR Martin and his writing but to perfectly honest I like Daniel Arenson’s style of writing better. I have studied the way Daniel writes and there is a poetry like non I have seen in fantasy novels. Now don’t get me wrong. I love Game of Thrones, however, I find that writing style to be dull and it leaves an ashy taste in mouth as if I were reading a college textbook. But the words of Daniel Arenson have a flow that dances in your imagination.

Ok so onto the review.

The Song of Dragon trilogy brings us to Requiem a kingdom of people called the VirRequis. People who posses the magic to shift into dragons. When I first read this book I was absolutely stunned. The story is very innovative. Most fantasy books about dragons are usually about dragon riders or dragon slayer.

Requiem is a kingdom for those who can become dragons. The tyrant Dies Irae made it his duty to massacre the race of “weredragons” which is a term used to insult the Vir Requis.

Throughout the story we have Kyrie, Agnus Die, Benedictus, Lacrimosa and Gloriae. These Vir Requis run for their survival. Their kingdom fell and destroyed by Dies Irae who controls the Griffins.

In the wilderness and forest they hide and run trying to survive and put and end to Dies Irae. Not only do they face the Griffins but also the Nightshades and Mimics. Reading this book will have you holding your breath until you read the next chapter. After reading the first two books, Daniel quickly became my favorite fantasy author.

“Requiem, may our wings forever find your sky.”

Read Song of Dragons. You wont regret.


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