Summoning creatures from another realm

When I first started playing RPG games, I thought that they were boring. I am talking about the popular turn base RPG games. I didnt like it and I thought it was boring. My friend in the seventh grade introduced me to these types of games. I had no idea they existed at the time.

He let me borrow a game for my Playstation One and the next day I returned. “What the heck is this boring shit!” I told him.

“Wow I guess you are one of those people that just cant get into RPG games.” My friend answered.

“Yeah no wonder no body likes RPG games. They are boring. Taking turns attacking. The characters move so slow. I rather play Ninja Turtles.” I ranted and laughed at my friend. Later on while I was at his house. He started playing the RPG game he let me borrow. When he started playing it the game seemed much more exciting. The characters were in a higher level and had a higher attack power that could kill monster in one blow. I forget the name of the game but it was pretty darn cool. “Ok so the game its no so bad.” I said “maybe I should give it another try.”

Slowly I started to get into RPG games. I became seduced by them little by little. What drew me into playing RPG games was the story. Sure the characters were cool  and I got use to the gameplay. But it was the story that pulled me in. This was the year 2000. The video games didnt have such great graphics but the stories kept me at the tip of my seat. I played turn base RPG games before I ever played action RPG games like dungeons and dragons.

I loved the magic systems in the old RPG games. Then came a day when my friend showed me a RPG game that inspired me write fantasy stories. In this game the characters not only could they cast element magic but also they could summon.

I was fascinated by this summoning aspect to the game. These blocky virtual people called upon an entity from the unknown to aid them in battle. It was so beautiful. I had never seen such a thing. Not even in movies back then. I think that is why I gave my character Auron Fox the power to summon in my novel Scarlet Quest.

I was stunned by this “summoning” aspect. “Why are they called summons?” I would ask. “Where did they get this idea? is there some kind of explanation behind the ability to summon?”

Now when I was a kid I was naive. I would believe anything that people told me. I was so intrigued by this word “summoning” that I went to the library and searched for books about the topic. The books I found spoke of invocations that the witches from the old days use to do. Magic circles and spells. It was simply incredible. I loved it.

The name of the game my friend played was called Final Fantasy 9. I played beat the game like 5 times. Had I not discovered Final Fantasy 9 I would have probably never written Scarlet Quest.

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