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Kingdom Hearts 3 Coming 2018- Analyzing The Long Wait

I have been obsessed with this game probably since the seventh or eight grade. Now although it is a kids game and I am now 27 years old going to be 28 years old, I dare say that this is

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Young Justice – Story Telling With Mass Character Cast

To think that Game of Thrones had too many characters for a story to handle, the creators of Young Justice could not help but to shove all of DC superheroes into one show(one amazing show that is). Even the great

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Three types of fantasy stories

Whether if its a novel, video game, movie or heck even a play. I believe that there are three types of fantasy stories out there. Now these are completely from my perspective. From my own research and experiences. The fantasies

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ConnectiCon 2014 Review and Experience

  All nerds go to convention. I dont know what kind of nerd doesn’t go honestly. As you all know. I live in the state of Connecticut. Here the biggest convention we call it ConnectiCon. It started off as a

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Where there is a fantasy reader there is also an anime fan

Perhaps you haven’t noticed or maybe I am just jumping to stereo typical conclusions but fantasy readers tend to also like Japanese anime. There is a fine line between anime and fantasy and scifi. Dont you think so. I mean

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Mana, Magicka, MP, Hit Points and other terms for magic

Ok so I am an RPG game lover. I think that any one that reads fantasy novels also plays RPG games such as Final Fantasy, Chrono Cross and if you are a team player, World of Warcraft and other Online

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