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Thor Ragnarok Movie Review

Since the first Thor movie, I have not been dissatisfied. Thor has promised to be a fan favorite and despite the predictable Norse Mythology story lines, Marvel makes it worth your time from their perspective. One of the great things

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Logan Movie Review And Explanation

Hugh Jackman gave us the Wolverine. Now is time to depart. All things must come to an end and I must say it was a good way to end Hugh Jackman’s role as Wolverine. Some people will say that the

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A Deadpool Movie Review All The Way From Odealeous

Ah, love. What better movie to watch before Valentines day then a lovely Deadpool movie to feel the magnificent love that surrounds us all. You know, the kind of love that makes you laugh even in the most difficult times

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Young Justice – Story Telling With Mass Character Cast

To think that Game of Thrones had too many characters for a story to handle, the creators of Young Justice could not help but to shove all of DC superheroes into one show(one amazing show that is). Even the great

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Guardians of the Galaxy- Review from Odealeous

Warning! This review contains spoilers. How marvel stories collide. So let me put it this way. Avengers was an amazing movie. It was action packed and heck I dare say I watched it more than twice. However, Guardians of the

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