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Christianity And The Fantasy Of Angels- A Look At The History Of Winged Creatures

If you are an orthodox christian then you might not like this post. However, I am not here to speak negatively of the christian religion but rather talk about the fantasy aspect of these beautiful creatures. Remember that I am

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The Ungifted Elf New And Improved

the ungifted elf

The Ungifted Elf has been updated. This means less grammar errors and spelling. Everyone loved the story of the exiled Elf. So now you can enjoy it without unpleasant errors that disrupt your reading. Eckxio is my “Zelda.” I think

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What I Learned From Final Fantasy X (10) As A Fantasy Author

When I first played this RPG game in high school, I was blown away.  It was like a pulse or pull mentality. This story lifted my soul. I felt like I was soaring out of my body and literally into

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