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The Problem With LITRPG Novels


If you have been reading fantasy and scifi long enough (especially my books) then you have already heard about the new genre around scifi & fantasy. LITRPG which stands for Literary RPG. Which is based on RPG game (role playing

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Mana, Magicka, MP, Hit Points and other terms for magic

Ok so I am an RPG game lover. I think that any one that reads fantasy novels also plays RPG games such as Final Fantasy, Chrono Cross and if you are a team player, World of Warcraft and other Online

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Can a swordsman be a mage?

The cool thing about writing fantasy or even if you are playing an RPG game, is that you get to choose your archetype. A thief, swordsman, mage, dark mage, white mage, a paladin, a healer or whatever else you can

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