The Ungifted Elf New And Improved

the ungifted elf

The Ungifted Elf has been updated. This means less grammar errors and spelling. Everyone loved the story of the exiled Elf. So now you can enjoy it without unpleasant errors that disrupt your reading.

Eckxio is my “Zelda.” I think any author who grew up in the 90’s and played enough RPG games came across the legend of Zelda. I wanted to create my own version but with a little more blood and action but no so much that would scare readers away. The story was meant to take the reader into the heart of the character and feel the emptiness that Eckxio felt. Now I dont want to say to much if you have not read the story but all I can say is that it will be more enjoyable and professional. 

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Thanks dudes. 

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