The Ungifted Elf

ungifted elf updated coverEckxio, an exiled elf journeys to a mountain in hopes of
gaining an ability that all elves are born with. Since his
childhood Eckxio was unable to cast magic and relies
on his magic sword and shield to survive. He hopes to
find the legendary fairy king in the mountain and believes the
holy entity will grant him incredible magical powers.
Eckxio desperately fights obstacles that cross his path
as his faith fades away.





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L. Collins TOP 1,000 Amazon reviewer

This is a well-written, sharp, lush and engaging action/adventure novel that mixes magus with elves, white magic with fairies and courage with the will to be something more. It’s a novel that appeals to the inner geek in me who grew up on books like The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) and the like. A.J. Martinez did a wonderful job of writing a well-crafted fantasy novel that sparks with imagination and dimension, adding in layers that weave intricately together to form an authentic story and memorable characters. Once I started this I couldn’t put it down as the fast-paced novel built and built until the satisfying conclusion.

“The Ungifted Elf” is a quasi coming-of-age tale about an elf who has lived without powers his whole life, despite the fact that all elves are born with a gift of some kind. In a quest to be gifted with white magic, Eckxio journeys through danger, intrigue, drama, adventure and a bit of self-discovery… all in hope that he can find the king of the fairies and be granted the one thing he has longed for all of his life.

Overall, this was well worth the read and it left me eager to read more from A.J. Martinez. I would definitely recommend it to readers who are looking for a well-crafted fantasy novel with fantastic world-building that they can sink their teeth into.