Thor Ragnarok Movie Review

Since the first Thor movie, I have not been dissatisfied. Thor has promised to be a fan favorite and despite the predictable Norse Mythology story lines, Marvel makes it worth your time from their perspective. One of the great things about the Thor movies is that we continue to see Thor fall from his godly form back to his human form. Just like in the first movie when Odin kicked Thor out of Asgard to earth and now in Ragnarok when Hella came and took over Ashard. 

It is much more fun to see Thor as a human than a good. I think this movie did a great job in bringing that back from the first movie. 

Now I did not read the comic book so if you want an in dept review with comic book sources then go check out a Youtube channel called Comic Books explained. 

The Good 

So first lets talk about the good stuff about Thor Ragnarok. 

Of course, just like in the trailer, the Hulk is back. As to how the Hulk ended up in that planet full of garbage, I have no idea  and honestly it is not well explained. I think they just wanted to bring back the Hulk so that him and Thor can fight. I know that in the comic book, the Hulk and Thor always fight and there is nothing funny about it like they make it seem in the movie. 

Loki is back of course. Loki is really the down guy. No matter how ahead he always gets, it never ends up well. However, it is always fun to watch Loki tricking Thor again and again. It never gets old. In this movie, Thor and Loki switch positions where Loki makes Thor look like the bad guy. 

Marvel Studios’ THOR: RAGNAROK..L to R: Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) and Bruce Banner/Hulk (Mark Ruffalo)..Ph: Jasin Boland..©Marvel Studios 2017

Hella was an amazing character but it threw me off that she almost had the same power as Loki. They both could summon daggers from nothing. Hella played the child who believes that they are the right heir to the throne. We have seen this in many movies in the fantasy genre as well as historical films like Gladiator. Brothers and sisters always fighting for the throne. I went crazy when Hella destroyed Thor’s hammer. Then of course Thor began to awaken his power of thunder out of no where, whenever he was in trouble. At that point I began to dislike it a little because I am just so use to seeing Thor with his hammer so to see him fight without the hammer feels odd and somewhat awkward. But that is just me. Overall, it was great. The actor who played Hella did a great job. I love evil female villains. It was like watching Rita Repulsa from the Power Rangers, or Bellatrix from Harry Potter or Disney’s Maleficent. 

The diversity in the movie was great. Personally I like to see diversity in movies because, I was raised in America. Seeing a variety of skin colors feels like I am at home. I know that Thor was based of Norse Mythology which is basically…white people history. Dont mean to be racist (I am latino). I think this is one of the things that is bringing a large audience to the Marvel Universe (and DC) is the diversity. We are one and we should use our uniqueness to make a world a better place. 

It was action packed. More action packed than the two previous movies. Hulk fighting Fenrir. Thor unleashing his thunder god powers without his hammer and Loki playing the hero. No match to the avengers movie but pretty darn close.

The Bad

If you know Norse Mythology well enough, it is predictable. You already know of the prophesy but the question is, how is going to happen? This is the part of the movie that I didn’t like. Whenever a prophesy has to be fulfilled takes the joy out of the adventure. Sure it gives the story more purpose but I feel as though its just too cliche. However, it is to be expected in this movie. 

Another thing that began to annoy me in the movie was the constant jokes. Dont get me wrong, humor is necessary but I feel as though they were trying to hard. They were throwing far too many jokes ( corney ones too). They were trying really hard to make it funny and not boring but I think the movie would have been just fine without the constant jokes. I appreciated if they were more serious. 

And that was the worst parts about the movie. Not sure if I would watch this movie again but its worth the $15 movie ticket. 

I give this movie 8 out of 10.

Thank you for reading dudes. 

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