Thorgil Bloodaxe By: Ralph E Laitres Interview- For the love of Vikings

Today we have Ralph E. Laitres in the world of Odealeous. He traveled through a portal from his fantasy world and into mine. Thank you for joining us Mr. Liatres. I am so excited to have you here and sharing common interest. I met Mr. Laitres on Facebook. Now I have the opportunity to interview him. So enough talk and lets gets started.
1. So first question. What inspired you to write fantasy? Every author has some sort of inspiration either from childhood or thorgilsome real life influence. What was yours?
Since the early 70s growing up, I have always loved fantasy, be they books or movies. As a young teenager, I fell in love with the Robert E. Howard character Conan. I could not get enough of those Sword&Sorcery Adventure tales.
2. Tell us more about the world of Thorgil and what can readers expect?
Thorgil lives in a harsh world where the sword can quickly settle a dispute. Thorgil Bloodaxe is a larger-than-life mercenary warrior who leads a band of sell-swords.
In Thorgil’s world, magic and those who understand how to control the arcane arts walk amongst those who do not understand or believe in the arts.
What can you expect next from Thorgil? Well in the 3rd book which is a work-in-progress, Thorgil and his warriors are to be thrust into an adventure in the lands of the Abbasid Caliphate. Thorgil knows these lands as Saerkland. He will be riding side-by-side with a Persian mercenary and a old Jomsviking brother from his days as a Joms.
3. With the magic of CG technology, where do you see fantasy films heading?
My feelings is that it can only get better. There is no limit to one’s imagination.
4. Why do you think people read fantasy?
People read fantasy because you are able to escape your present world to enter a world that may be strange and wonderful. I find that fantasy gets one’s imagination flowing and into high gear.
5. Albert Einsteing spoke of parallel universes and dimensions. Do you think that in another realm, fantasy creatures such as unicorns and dragons exist?
Anything can be possible.
unnamed (1)6. JK Rowling said that she uses her third eye to write her Harry Potter novels. How do you write fantasy? I get together every morning with the voices in my head. We have coffee and talk about where we want our story to go… some days the meetings are productive, other days its just a talk fest.
7. Do you feel as though your characters have a lot in common with you?
The only thing we have in common is that we both like to eat and drink… we are both on the heavy side, and our bodies are covered with scares.
8. What is your favorite fantasy movie or TV show thus far?
I do enjoy the Lord of the Ring movies, and the Hobbit movie. Loved the Conan movies (old and new), also the John Carter movie of 2012.
9. Self publishing is becoming very flooded. How do you feel about the competition and the visibility in self publishing? I am self published myself. “Thorgil Bloodaxe: Enter the White Queen”, Published by FriesenPress, Sept 2011, and “Thorgil Bloodaxe: Shadow of Death”, Published by FriesenPress, Sept 2014.
I find it to be another avenue for a writer to get their works published. It is a learning experience.
10. Do you cosplay or go larping at comic book conventions?
No, I do not cosplay or go to conventions. I enjoy my quiet life and do not like to travel to cities. I am not a fan of crowds.
11. What is your favorite animal and why?
My favorite animal are dogs… they are loyal to their owner.
12. If you could challenge one celebrity to arm wrestle who would it be?
If I could arm wrestle one celebrity, I would have to say Cold Stone Steve Austin… I would not win.
13. If you could be one fantasy creature (besides a dragon) what would it be?
I would have to say I would like to be a moon-bear from my stories. Moon-bears are feared and are natures killing machines… they love to eat meat.
14. What words of encouragement would you give to people and authors who are just starting? My advice to those just starting out… don’t give up on your dream. There are no short-cuts. It is a long, bumpy road, and at times, that road can be lonely.

Ralph thank you so much for stopping by today. I really appreciate it. Everyone check out his books starting with the  Thorgil the Bloodaxe

You can find  Ralph E Laitres and his book in the links below.


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