The Tiny House Movement- Hermits and Nomads Come To Life

minimotives-tiny-house-9Just recently I watched a documentary about this movement of Tiny Houses. Now as a fantasy author, I couldn’t think of anything else except Bilbo Baggins or Master Roshi (DBZ fans) on his little island. Talk about living like a nomad or a hermit in the mountains. After watching this tiny house film I felt like there was a whole new way of life out there that had been eluding me. Like a trend that I was not paying attention to. By the way if you watch the movie, the lady named Ann Holly was an art teacher of mines back in high school.

I always thought about living large in a small home. Meaning having less possessions and more freedom. People that live in tiny houses are very adventurous in my opinion. It seems unorthodox but hey its an affordable way of living for those who don’t want to take out loans to buy a house.

Tiny houses remind me of the fantasy sage in the mountains or the hermit kung fu master living alone waiting for his pupil to arrive. It also reminds of Yoda for some reason. Ever noticed how in many scifi and fantasy movies “the master,” usually lives by himself. Jiraiya from Naruto is a good example of that (although he was more of a drifter). Toph from Legend of Korra also lived by her self in a hut by a swamp. tiny-house-home-design

A tiny house is a forever house. You travel with it and home is never away. I consider this Tiny House movement true freedom because these people are no longer bound to one place or one location. They can move at will which is what freedom is(the air element).

The only con about Tiny Houses is ….using the bathroom.

But hey ..that mother nature.

After watching the Tiny House movie I also thought of Howl’s Moving Castle by Hayao Miyazaki. Lets not forget Hagrid from Harry Potter and his little hut. You see what I mean. Its always the hermits and the one that people go to for help that live alone in the wilderness in these little huts. Those who live in Tiny Houses are true peace seekers who seem to want to get away from society’s obligations. Its wise, for one, you save a shite load of money and that is a fact. You have more time when you live this way by lowering your liabilities which is something that we dont ever get back. Time is so beautiful and precious.

I definitely do want to try this Tiny house lifestyle at least for a week and see how it goes. Honestly, all I need is internet connection, my laptop and that is all. ( and my nerd collection which there is always space for that).tiny house blue

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