To be human or not to be

I have always been fascinated by greek history. I have always loved how “realistic” the greek gods were. They were very much like humans. They felt jealousy and anger and were vengeful. The ancient greeks envision the gods in their image. However the gods had powers beyond ones imagination.

I thought about the concept of being a god one day. I thought of how cool it would be to have all the power in the wold. To shoot lightning from above like Zeus or have a mighty Hammer like Thor.

Then I thought. Wouldn’t it suck to be a god at the same time. Yes you can have everything you want however there is something special about being human that cannot be deny. Like Archilles said in the movie Troy “The gods fear us because we are mortal. Any day could be our last. We can die and they can’t.”

Gods are immortals. They live forever. Which brings me to another movie quote from Tuck Everlasting. “Dont be afraid of the dead. Be afraid of the unlived life.” Meaning fear the life you have not lived yet, dont fear death.

In myths and tales of yore, there are godly characters who begin to questions themselves. To be human or not to be. Hercules for example. He was a demigod. He had the best of both worlds. However Hercules decided not to live in mount Olympus.

I guess sometimes we dont want what we thought we wanted. Such as my character Caim. A demigod with cosmic powers. Gifted with air magic. Caim has been a demigod for 50 years and has been having humanly desires. Caim contemplates his life as a demigod and the life he used to have as a human. I created this character as an expression of what I believe us humans really want. We are complicated creatures. Even our simplest desires tend to hinder us one way or another. Read the Fall of a demigod.

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