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Talk about high fantasy. There is nothing that I love more about a fantasy book or film than flight. There is something about taking flight that uplifts my soul. Hiccup is my new hero. Not only is he a dragon rider but he is also a steampunk genius. How to train your dragon part 2 was even more intense than the last more and I talking about plot wise and artistically. New dragons were introduced and new villains.

Spoiler alert. If you have not watch the film then don’t read this.

How to train your dragon is one of those movies rivals Disney. Yes just like Shrek (whom changed the idea of princes). I do dare say that how to train your dragon competes with frozen. Not only does it speak to little boys and little girls but to adults as well.


Dragon2_Pic2Hiccup finally found his mother and brought his family back together. Now we know where he got his natural skills to deal with these creatures. Hiccup and Toothless have created a bond so strong. They are one, man and dragon. Hiccup had the ability to see the gentleness of dragons and thus he was able to persuade them and brought peace for men and dragons as we saw in the first movie. In this movie, everyone has  a dragon. I like how their entire village consist of dragon and people working together. Harmony and balance. Although Hiccup is your stereotypical nerd. He is a natural born leader and innovator. While vikings are brutal and think of killing before attacking, Hiccup’s gentle and somewhat meek, he was able to change everyone’s mind. Even his girlfriend said it herself. Hiccup is very convincing. Hiccup finds certainty from within and thinks for the long term. He understands that brute force wont lead him and his people to a better life. There is something very spiritual behind it all.

The villain Drago was out to control all dragons by challenging the alpha in the paradise of dragons. The ideal alpha male seeking to conquer and rule. Hiccup saw that even though Drago had a dark past with dragons, it did not matter. All vikings had a dark past with dragons but Drago wanted to control the dragons not to protect his people but to conquer. The very opposite of what Hiccup was trying to do. Hiccup conquered with love while Drago conquered with fear.

One of the most dramatic and breath taking moments of the film was when Drago used his alpha dragon to control Toothless. When I saw Toothless surrendering to the alpha dragon and I swear my heart skipped a beat. Toothless turned against Hiccup temporarily. It was very convincing with the fact that Toothless pupils changed when he was being manipulated. Turns out that all adult dragons must obey the alpha. However the baby dragons don’t listen to anyone which I thought was adorable. how-to-train-your-dragon-2-toothless-hiccup

Toothless murdered Hiccups father accidentally. It was not his fault since he was being controlled however Hiccup was still angry at Toothless for a moment.

Hiccup’s mother was an important part of the story in this movie. She was keeping the dragons safe from the vikings for so many years. Which made sense as to why she would do that. Dragons are gentle creatures, she was the first viking to understand that.

Overall feeling of the movie.

Best movie by dreamworks yet. The characters still had the same wit that had me laughing. The story was breath taking and the flight felt so real it uplifted my soul. I love all movies with flight (did someone say Miyasaki). The new dragons were cool and the art of it all was beautiful. Its definitely a DVD I would get and watch the movie numerous times.

AJ Martinez rates this fantasy movie 10/10

That is right. This movie deserves a golden globe.

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