Three types of fantasy stories

Whether if its a novel, video game, movie or heck even a play. I believe that there are three types of fantasy stories out there. Now these are completely from my perspective. From my own research and experiences. The fantasies that we have labeled such as sword and sorcery, epic fantasy, dark fantasy, urban fantasy, Young adult fantasy which I consider it to be urban fantasy many times. These categories branched out from each other. It helps us choose what we want to read. Thank god. I am more of an epic fantasy type of person. Us readers like to chop genres into smaller categories so that we know which is which and where to put them. The same way we like to label people. Think about the new genre that started in 2011 “New Adult.” Its about teens going into their adult lives. Not so popular yet but trust me, it will be. Especially romance of course.

So here we go. Three types of fantasy stories.

Other world fantasy. 

This is my favorite because I love things that don’t exist. Just try my books in the world of Odealeous. These are stories base on a whole other world. A world created by the author that may or may not follow laws from the real world (boring). These fantasy worlds many times have magic laws within its universe. Really cool. Creatures, races and even different breeds of human beings. Ever watch Avatar The last Airbender. In that kids show the animals are hybrids. Duck turtles, eel hounds, ostrich horse and so on. This type of fantasy has no limit. It can go on forever. Its all within the authors imagination. Final Fantasy its all fictional. Its magic system, its got different races of people and locations that are like candy for the eye.

This has to be the most fun to write since the imagination here is endless.

Urban fantasy

Urban meaning it takes place in an actual place in the world such as New York or London(why is it always these two places). The story can take place either in a historical time ( do I hear steampunk) or in the present day with modern technology with computers and television and thats beyond our current time would be consider scifi. Hmmm, fantasy scifi. This type of story usually has super natural elements. Because I dont read in this genre, I dont know many books. I believe Cassandra Claires books are urban fantasy also Amanda Hocking’s books. This type of story allows the main character to have magical powers or be involve with supernatural beings. Anything that involves witches, can be consider Urban Fantasy. Disney channel has a lot of teen urban fantasy. High lander can be consider urban fantasy because of its supernatural element in the story.

Cross world fantasy

Did I hear anyone say Harry Potter. Let me explain. Cross world fantasy is when the main characters move from the real world into the fantasy world. Just like Harry Potter when Harry runs with his luggage cart through platform 9 and 3/4. Pretty cool. Percy Jackson is Cross world fantasy(not the best name). The main character usually finds out that he or she has magical powers and must learn to use them or a mystical creature takes them to this other world. Digimon can be consider cross world fantasy. A funny example but I know you once loved that show like we all nerds do.

Short and simple. Like George RR Martin said. “Fantasy flies with the wings of Icarus, reality on south west airlines.”


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