Unicorns and Pegasus-mythical horses

Before I begin I just want to throw this out there. If you are a brony, sorry I wont be talking about pretty horses with tattoos and illustrations on their butts. Sorry I just couldn’t help my self. No offense to my little pony fans. (My sense of humor).

I grew with horses. Yes I was once a farm boy, you know like Luke Skywalker or that dude from Eragon but no I don’t think I was destine to save the world but I was destine to write fantasy for readers such as you.

Horses are free spirited creatures. It is one of the few animal that we dont keep caged in like chickens. Ever watch that Disney movie Spirit? Watch it and you will see what I mean.


Horses has always been a man’s best friend and great for transportation. Horses have joined us in war and journeys throughout the history of men. They love to run and love escort us(I think). Horses are like the dogs of transportation. We love dogs( at least I do).

Now like most lovable animals in history, horses have also been imagined in mysterious ways. From greek history to norse. Lets start out with the Unicorn. (Bronies, Down Bronies).

Unicorns, according to mythology from many cultural angles. The unicorn has always been seen as a creature with the ability to heal. The unicorn I do dare say that it is a symbol of virginity and purity. In fact myth says that only a virgin could capture a Unicorn. According to J.K. Rowling, drinking a unicorns blood can make you immortal but after killing a creature so pure, your life will be cursed for always. Voldermort was found drinking the blood of a Unicorn. He was drinking it to survive(The Sorcerer’s Stone for Harry Potter fans). It is also said that when a unicorn is found a rainbow also appears. (For all you Bronies still reading). When I was young I always thought it to be beautiful creatures. The mythology was dreamy and mesmerizing. They are mainly identify for their long white horns and white skin and fur. I my self have used unicorns in my fantasy novels such as Tales Of Lola The Black. Unicorns are mentioned in the christian bible (the King James version).

Pegasus. My favorite horse. Really quick for all you anime fans out there. Have you watched the anime “Saint Seiya.” If you haven’t then watch it. The main character in that anime has the cloth of Pegasus. That anime actually inspired me to study the myth of Pegasus. In greek mythology, Pegasus is sire by Poseidon and was born when Perseus decapitated Medusa (so much for giving light, that is greek myth for ya). Bellerophon rode on Pegasus slaying monsters and other Pegasus_Risingcreatures. When he rode Pegasus to reach Mount Olympus, Bellerophon fell and then Zeus transformed Pegasus into constellations in the sky. In cartoons and fantasy novels. Pegasus has always been mounted by heros. It is said that even Hercules rode Pegasus( or perhaps Disney was wrong). A winged horse and just like the Unicorn, usually in color white. I think the Pegasus that Perseus rode was black. Pegasus originated from greek mythology. I dont believe that the Norse have a tale of Pegasus themselves.

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