Walt Before Mickey- What I Learned From History’s Biggest Dreamer

Walt_Before_Mickey I remember when I picked up the first biography of Walt Disney when I was just 11 years old. Me and Walt had so much in common. He came from a farm and so did I. He was an artist and so was I. He was a dreamer and I was well…a kid yet to realize what he really wanted to do.

Watching this movie brought me back to the time when I picked up that book. 14 years later I would realize why I decided to tell stories. Walt Disney was the root of my inspiration. I always thought. If a farm boy like Disney can do it then why not me. 

When I first came to America my family always told me that we would have to settle for whatever we could because we were immigrants however, even as a 11 year old boy I knew that there was more to life than just working at a job and doing what everyone else is doing to stay safe. Walt Disney was the first person to open my eyes to the possibilities that yes dreams can come true.

Watching the movie I saw how much he struggled and Walt had experienced my greatest fear, becoming homeless. It was scary. When Laugh O Grams went bankrupt Walt had nothing. He went bankrupt three times (I think) yet still held on to his dream. Walt Disney was a man with true grit. A true pioneer and world builder. As a fantasy author, world building means so much to me and Walt was the greatest. 

Here is my favorite quote from the movie. walt before mickey

I exchanged security over quality and dignity. I will never let that happen again. From now own I will become my own boss.

Walt said that after Charles Mintz had tried to fully own the company, The Disney Brothers. After Mintz had tried to take over, Walt decided to take full ownership of the company and be independent of Charles Mintz. After that he came up with the idea of Mickey Mouse. Of course that is when he rose to the top. Mickey Mouse was his secret weapon. It was an idea he gained when he was homeless. 

“It all started with a mouse,” Walt would say. 

After watching this movie I will damned if I abandon my dreams of becoming a bestselling author and expect things to be easy. Nothing worth having in life is easy. 

Thank you Walt Disney for giving me hope and showing me what a man of true grit does. You are my hero. 

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