White magic and holy spells

When we think of white magic what is the first thing that comes to mind. Healing perhaps. What is certain is that white magic is benevolent and used for good selfless reasons while black magic is known for how offensive and dark it is. Video games have changed how many of us view black and white magic. Many RPG games have given us a new perspective as to how these two attributes can be used rather then the traditional witch history that we have been taught in schools.

I guess that is one of the things that draws me towards the fantasy genre is how it breaks the rules of the real world and shows us “oh well maybe this is all bad.” Dark does not always have to be bad or evil. Darkness is only the absence of light.

Anyways. the concept of white magic has been used in many books and fantasy films  such as Lord of the Rings. When Frodo was fighting that spider (I believe in the second movie) he used a bottle that illuminated. The glass bottle was given to him  by an elfin woman. The light repelled the spider and prevented it from getting near Frodo.

In Harry Potter, The patronus spell can be considered white magic or holy magic because its purpose is to eliminate darkness.

White magic is known for its protection against the dark. However rarely is it used offensively. Healing and defense are both passive when it comes to battle tactics. White magic lacks fatal moves. That is why wizards have elemental spells to attack. Final Fantasy fans would know what I am talking about right.

I have recently thought of a new way of using white magic.

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the ungifted elf

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