Who wants to be an elf- elf ear surgery

So I stumbled upon this new “trend” that is creating quite a revelation. Being a fantasy author this absolutely astonish me. Apparently there are people out there in the world getting surgery on their ears to make them look like an elf(Or should I say Spock).

Now as attractive as it looks, I am not one to  do these sort of things. However the people that do it are brave and not only do I admire them but I love the way they look. Who doesn’t like elves. The pointy ears are charming and attractive. It is like a dream come true what science can do.

It looks quite painful but according to my research, surgeons use anesthesia  to remove the pain. So now in the 21th century not only can one reshape their breast, face and butt but now your ears too. Perhaps I am a little late on this but it is absolutely incredible. I really do live in a world of fantasy.


Ear sculpting before and after


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