Why I gave up all hope with traditional publishing

Lets face it. We all hate rejection. From asking the hot girl out in high school to submitting your  manuscript to a big publishing house. I thought about it many times. It started when I was in the seventh grade. Harry Potter inspired me to start writing stories. The magic, the warriors and fantasy worlds. It was so much fun to read and I love creating worlds you have no idea.

Truth is when I was young I had a bad habit of not finishing what I started. WHy? Because I was lazy. I never tried to submit anything to a publishing house. I was too independent. In college I switched from fine arts to graphic design and then to business. I had learned something about my self. I wanted to get paid for what I love to do. Which was telling stories.

Honestly publishing houses will never pay you as much as you expect them to pay you unless you already have a big name for you self. That is the truth. J.K Rowling was an exception. Although she was rejected 12 times and on her 13th time(lucky number) an American publishing house thought that the boy that did not know he was a wizard was a gold mine.

Amanda Hocking got rejected so many freaking times she her self said she wanted to quick writing books. And then guess when her big break came. Oh Snap! She self published and all of a sudden people started buying her books left and right. Hmmm Funny how that works right. You do it your way and everything goes as you plan. That is because honestly no one wants to pay you as much as you want to get paid. No one will promote the hell out of your book as much as you would promote it. That is the truth.

Publishing houses are less likely to publish a novel unless its something cliche. Let’s take twilight for example. I believe twilight was selected because first of all, romance novels sell like hot cakes. We all know that. Hell, they sell more than fantasy novels because women read more than men. That is true and men aren’t really into romance novels. Second, vampires are popular in movies, historical myths and so own (thank you Nosferatu). That is why twilight was a winner because it was so cliche that little girls would love it. The only unique thing about twilight is the very thing that ruined the blood thirsty myth of vampires. Glittering in the sunlight. Some how girls thought that was so romantic but it made me puke.

Try pitching your novel about aliens coming from outer space and kidnapping the presidents daughter. I say about 10 publishing houses will reject your novel.

Publishing houses don’t really do much. Besides stamping their logo on your book and distributing it to book stores what else do they do. Authors still have to market the book themselves. Lucky for me I am business savvy. J.K. Rowling had to read her books to little kids (the videos are on youtube). That is how she promoted her book dudes.

You have to do book signings and network. You still have to do marketing on your own.

That is why I considered Amazon.com a blessing to all writers world wide. thank god for the internet. Thank god for the kindle. What would we do without it.

Dont you see that authors are making more money by selling their books at $1.99 than at $15. A publisher will pay you $2 after pricing your book at $15 VS self publishing your book at $1.99 and making $1.60 per sale. People are most likely to buy your book at $1.99 than $15. Dont you think. That is why you make more money dude.

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