Why I wrote Sin of Mages

I wrote this book in a desperate time in my life. Sin of Mages helped ease the pain. Click here to read it. 

Nothing says, “its time to get to work,” like when you lose everything and in fear of becoming homeless. 

Yeah, that fear was very real. You know that fear when you are shivering like winter cold and your bank account is close to zero while a debt is pilling up in your credit card. You know that fear when you are in deep shit and your family acts like they down owe you anything. They don’t really care about you only what you give them because, they see you as this nerdy guy who is never going to get very far in life writing some fairy tales. 

That fear when your car over heats and you have to pay money to fix it even though you just lost your job and have no other way to get around. You know that fear when you cant pay the rent and are starving because you cannot afford to eat the healthy organic food that you want because you got fired from your job.

Yup, that was me. I had just quit my shitty job at a call center for one that pays much more. One month into the new job I was told that I am no good and got fired. Shorty after that, while going to a job interview, my car starts to over heat and I had to spend money that I didnt have to fix it. Then I had to pay more than $2,000 or more of credit card debt. 

I was depressed, nervous, starving and living with a grandmother that had more emotional issues than a teenage high school girl crying over her boyfriend that broke up with her after three weeks. 

So with all this going on in my life, I had nothing else but a computer, internet connection and microsoft word. Oh, yeah, and a big dream of becoming a full time writer and hopefully a hotshot bestseller. Sounds difficult….tell me about it. 

I wrote Sin of Mages out of desperation. Although the main character, Akielas, is much older than all the other characters, there was so much happening and he felt like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. The story was suppose to be a prequel to another book that I was dying to write, but I will tell you about that much later. 

I was starving and writing my book. I had outlined the story on a notebook and my fingers shivered at the same time. I was skinny and and it took me almost two months to find another shitty job to pay my bills. Within those two weeks that I was unemployed, I was able to write more than half the book.

I released the book in December, 24, 2016 and the feedback that I got from readers was so awesome.

I put the characters through so much lost and pain in the story. It was a reflection of the things that I lost in life. My job, my car, starving. And around that same time that I was in deep shit, the girl that I wanted showed up one day with my friend. You can already imagine how shitty I was feeling without even having a car to take her out on a date. I was so low on confidence that I never heard from her again. She was probably wondering why I didn’t ask her out or anything.  

Call me crazy or abusive, but the characters in my story were not going to have a good time, not with a writer like AJ Martinez who had gone through so much shit to write a book that could or could not become a success on amazon. 

However, I dont regret it. It was a fun story to write and I love Willow and Eckxio in the story. Writing gave me hope. Hope that one day this wont happen or I will be in a better place. Sin of Mages is the first book I wrote for a series. Before that I was writing a standalone novels. It helped ease the pain and the nervousness, diving into this fantasy world so that I wont have to worry about money so much. 

Perhaps it can help a reader feel better and relate to the characters. I hope you like it. 

Read Sin of Mages and enter the world of Odealeous click here.

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