Zero Hunters


(An Urban Fantasy)

Currently Being Written

18 year old Vincent Del Toro lost his mother at birth and his father is in prison. He lives with his grandmother while finishing his last year of high school and hoping he lives long enough to find a cure for his cancer.
Lately, Vincent has been seeing strange creatures and it seems that he is the only one that can see them. He can see them growing the more that they feed off negative energy from people all over New York.
One day his lung cancer became so painful that he coughed blood and that was the day that the black creatures attacked him.
A Japanese girl named Michiko, with a katana, saved him. He then learned that he was one of the few humans that could use cosmic energy and was invited to a secret organization called the zero hunters. The Zero Hunters used cosmic energy
to fight the creatures called Nonendrites. The Zero Hunters would teach him how to control his paranormal abilities called astro arts to fight against the Nonendrites. Vincent thought his life would get easier, until he found out that he had a soul contract with one of these creatures that would determine if he would continue on living or cease to exist.